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Hosted by Denise Garrett

Spread Good Vibez

Listen to experts discuss how to go from feeling defeated to being triumphant. Hear heart-warming stories of kindness, forgiveness, love, laughter, and miracles. Spread good vibez is a place of hope, inspiration, and motivation. Hosted by Denise Garrett, former firefighter, and personal development coach for over 25 years, listeners will gain practical tips and expert insight for overcoming the challenges they face. Leave the show feeling better and full of ideas on how you can make your world and our world a happier, more peaceful place.

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The Story Behind the Spread Good Vibez Podcast

After watching the news one morning, Denise thought: “There’s got to be something better for us to listen to than all of these bad-sad stories! We need positive things that lift us up!” Next thing you know, the Spread Good Vibez podcast was born.

It was what some would call a “divine download.” Denise had resisted starting a podcast when several friends and clients suggested she do so because she felt like she had too much on her plate.

During Denise’s morning meditation on this particular morning, the purpose and mission of the Spread Good Vibez podcast was born. What better way to give people something positive to listen to than to share stories of how people overcome the challenges they’ve faced? Or heart-warming, feel good stories that give people hope and uplift them? Spread Good Vibez is the perfect way!

Fuel Yourself with Hope, Inspiration, & Motivation

Sometimes we need to be lifted up.

In a culture where we constantly compare ourselves with others and worry about how we’re doing, we need a safe space to explore our hardships and how to overcome them.

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Meet Your Host

Denise Garrett, M.S.W.

As a former firefighter, Denise knows what it’s like to fight fires – and deal with tragedies – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Trained as a therapist & certified minister, Denise is an expert at empowering people to achieve their goals – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Denise is known as the “Courage Whisperer” because she creates a safe, nonjudgmental space for people to show up. This combined with her empathic listening style enable her to support people, like you, in turning their obstacles into opportunities for greater living.  Denise’s mission: to co-create peace in our  world…and spread good vibez!


Denise Garrett

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